Riverside Tactical
Stay Safe. Stay Tactical!

Riverside Tactical was founded in early 2013 by Daniel Hauer in Menifee, CA. Featuring a wide range of Tactical and Survival products and recently expanding our operations to include custom Cerakote application, we are committed to serving the men and women who protect us, whether at home or abroad.

We are a small, family run company looking to stand out with our superior customer service and our commitment to running a 'Family Friendly' firearms and tactical gear business. If you don't see what you want, we'll do our best to find it. Have questions about our products? We'll answer them. Our customers take our highest priority. After all, without you we wouldn't exist!

Daniel Hauer is also a Firefighter Paramedic, devoted husband to his loving wife Tamra, and father of 4 wonderful children. In addition to running this business, Daniel also works for the State of California and understands the importance of being well equipped for the job. Working side by side with Law Enforcement on a day-to-day basis as well as having a long family history of Law Enforcement and Military professionals, Daniel understands the challenges that they face. It is our duty to support the people who have watched our back for all these years, and make sure they are able to continue doing so the best they can!