FFL Services
Fees associated with firearms transfers including in house purchases, online transfers from other sources and private party transfers.

Riverside Tactical is a CA State Licensed Firearms Dealer. Below is a list of our transfer fees and associated services. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@riversidetactical.com.

*PLEASE NOTE: Any transfers processed through Riverside Tactical for firearms obtained from online or out of area suppliers will be assessed sales tax at the rate of 7.75%. Proof of purchase price must be provided to Riverside Tactical at the time the transfer is started to verify the amount paid. If no invoice can be supplied, the amount of tax due will be calculated based on full retail value of the firearm being transferred. This charge and tax collection is mandated by the California Board of Equalization in reference to Memorandum 495.0843 regarding deliveries of Firearms by California Dealers for Out-of-State Retailers. We apologize for any inconvenience for this mandatory expense.

Transfer of Firearm purchased through another company (online or out of area) - $60 PER FIREARM - Includes DROS transfer costs,   **plus tax on purchase price**

Private Party Transfer (both Seller and Buyer must be present at the same time) - $35 PER FIREARM

Firearm Safety Card - $25

Required Documentation: All transfers require a valid, California issued photo ID or Drivers License with a current and correct physical mailing address. If you are active duty military a copy of your DOD Identification is acceptable and will need to be accompanied by your permanent station orders. Also required is a valid and current proof of address which can be a major utility bill (gas, water, electric. No cell phone or satellite cable bills), or a valid vehicle registration that has your name and current address. If your Drivers License does not have your current address, a second form of Government Issued ID is needed. Current vehicle registration showing your name and physical address is acceptable to meet this requirement.

Firearm Safety Certificate: Unless exempt, anyone who is purchasing a firearm in the State of California is required to have a valid Firearm Safety Card (FSC). The old Handgun Safety Card (HSC) is still valid for the purchase of handguns only if its not expired. If you require a Firearm Safety Card, we can administer the 30 question test and issue you a card upon passing the exam for a $25 Fee. Once issued the card is valid for 5 years and must be retained by the customer. All questions on the exam are firearm safety and California Law oriented. Exemptions to this requirement can be found on the Ca DOJ website. Common exemptions are: Active duty or Retired Military, Active duty or Retired Law Enforcement, Current and Valid Hunting License (for long guns only), Current and Valid CA CCW Permit (for handguns only).