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Ares 80% AR15 Jig WMD M16 NIB-X Bolt Carrier Group with Hammer FIREClean
Ares 80% AR15 Jig
Our Price $135.99
WMD M16 NIB-X Bolt Carrier Group with Hammer
Retail $235.00
Our Price $204.99
Savings: $30.01
FIREClean - 2 PACK
Our Price $27.99
80% AR-15 Lower Receiver jig is the highest quality lower receiver jig on the market. Every piece is replaceable on the jig. There are three steel top plates that are interchangeable to allow you to mill the fire control group. The side plates are fit with a drill bushing to allow you to properly drill the trigger and hammer pin.

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Each WMD bolt-and-carrier set is precisely machined from high-grade steel alloy to government M16 specs, then given WMD's proprietary NiB-X nickel boron coating that results in a super-smooth, harder-than-chrome surface. NiB-X reduces friction to the bare minimum and is impervious to corrosion and abrasion. The slick finish also keeps carbon from adhering, so clean up is much faster and easier than with standard parts. The Ideal choice for 3-gun competitors and other high-volume shooters. Comes with a matching NiB-X coated hammer for the smoothest cycling.

FIREClean™ is a patent pending extreme performance gun oil that provides unmatched reliability and durability for your firearms. While odorless, biodegradable, and safe, FIREClean destroys carbon contamination and helps prevent future fouling. FIREClean is the choice of the best and most demanding shooters in the World- pro shooters, military special operations, and tactical law enforcement teams. They demand the best (possible performance), and FIREClean delivers. (See for yourself what a huge difference a little bottle can make in your shooting.)

Made in U.S.A. • Odorless • Non-Toxic