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Venom Assault Pack Blackhawk Shotgun Shell Sling - 2 point Gemtech Tactical Pistol Retention Lanyard
The Venom 48hr Assault Backpack is large enough to carry out all the essentials while still remaining lighter than a ruck pack. Perfect for everything from short missions to hiking, this pack holds a standard 2.5L bladder in a padded inner pocket with a reinforced access hole for the bite tube. Also features an outside audio pocket with a port to keep your headphone wires out of your zipper! Loaded with features! Available in Black or Tan.

Lifetime Warranty:
All "Death Dealer Tactical" products come with a Lifetime Warranty protecting you from defects in material or workmanship. Warranty applies when the product is used for the purpose intended, under normal conditions. Damage by accident, negligence, or improper care are not covered under this warranty. For more information visit
The Blackhawk Shotgun Sling features nylon web construction with steel spring-loaded clips that attach to any standard sling swivel (sold separately). The sling quickly and easily clips onto sling swivels and holds 15 shotshells securely in elastic loops. Designed primarily for law enforcement and mission specific military needs, the Tactical Retention Lanyard is a coil-cord lanyard invaluable for prevention of loss of the sidearm during high activity or marine operations. It is usable with any sidearm having a lanyard loop.

The Gemtech Tactical Retention Lanyard features a fully adjustable belt loop with a side release buckle to facilitate detaching the retained weapon from the belt loop. The loop portion of the lanyard easily attaches to the lanyard ring in the sidearm, including the small lanyard slot in the SIG weapons. Unlike competitive products, the lanyard is specially engineered to have a programmed breaking strength of approximately 100 pounds to prevent serious user injury in the unlikely event the weapon becomes caught in machinery. This feature has saved the life of more than one of our armed forces.

In addition to sidearms, the Tactical Retention Lanyard is useful for prevention of loss of other small, valuable accessories including two-way radios, diving knives, cameras, and power tools. It is fully compatible with the marine environment and had been used extensively to prevent loss of diving accessories, including diving knives.

Constructed of nylon and polypropylene to strict Gemtech specifications, the Tactical Retention Lanyard measures 22 inches (56 cm) when retracted and extends to approximately 55 inches (140cm).

Berry Amendment Compliant, made in the U.S.A.